Wildlife Preserves near Sargent Texas

San Bernard Wildlife Refuge near Sargent Texas

  • October 10, 2015

Sargent Texas is surrounded by some incredible wildlife  refuges. This insures incredible bird watching, hunting and fishing recreation around Sargent into the future.  

These preserves include the San Bernard Wildlife Refuge to our east. Big Boggy to our west which included Dresser Point or Bird Island.  It is a major rookery for Pelicans and other seabirds. As you head north of Sargent along Cayney Creek to the east run into Dance Bayou Forested  Track which is one of the last great intact Bottomland Southern Forest left in the United States. Yes we are extremely lucky because many bottomlands have been destroyed in other areas of the country.

The San Bernard Wildlife Refuge East of Sargent starts out with Green Gulf Waters then changes to Bay and Oyster Reefs which turn into meander Marshlands and then the great Columbia Hardwood forest just to the North.  The San Bernard was Established in 1969 as a Federal Wildlife Preserve and it is located along the great southern flyway migration routes. Over 256 species winter in or around the wildlife protected areas. This part of the Preserve is very friendly and many launch their and debark from Cedar Creek to explore the area.

The Northern Boundaries of the preserve are served by Dance Bayou. These massive woods are made of of Live Oak, Hackberry, Green Ash and Pecan Trees. This area has just recently  joined the Preserve and is just northwest of West Columbia Texas. The Government is using this area for research and is not yet opened to the public. A more accessible area is Austin Woods.

All of these Columbia Bottomlands contain incredible stands of trees that work to make the over 300 million birds comfortable as they come screaming home from making their Crossing of the Gulf of Mexico.  This time of the Year the birds head south. In spring the birds are coming back from their winter migrations from Central and South America heading back to North America. Birds like the area because the Thick Tree Canopy protects them from Eagles and other birds of prey as they recover from their long trip. This great watershed which consist the San Bernard and Big Boggy are  an incredible filter System and water shed for East Matagorda Bay and ensures great fishing for the future around Sargent Texas.

San Bernard Great Blue Herring Near Sargent Texas

Finally adjacent to 457 Just east of Sargent is the Sargent Waterfowl hunt area. The reserve has limited hunts for Duck, Geese and Coots are allowed  between October 31 to January 21, 2016.  Image result for snow geese