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San Bernard Wildlife Preserve Cedar Lakes

  • April 2, 2016

The Cedar Lakes

North of Sargent Texas

A few people have asked me to post some information about the Cedar Lakes. The Cedar Lakes are a really wild part of the Texas Coast. They are located North of Sargent in the San Bernard Wildlife Preserve. They are very inaccessible and can be dangerous. . I have only fished in front of them from the Intracoastal and was very timid about going into them with my boat. I have fished the beach cut from the Gulf that goes into the lake closest to Sargent. That was fun without the boat. If you have fished the Cedar Lakes area in a boat or Kayak contact me. What is your recommendation? I will post your opinion and recommendations of the area. For the most part The Cedar Lakes hold about about 6 inches to a foot of water low tide and maybe two feet on a real high tide But the bad part is the mud. If you get out of the boat. The mud can really grab hold of you and hurt you. On some of the fishing blogs people talk about getting stuck and sinking into a quicksand type mud that if you are in a foot of water you might sink into 3 or 4 feet deep mud. Not a lot of information out there. Dangerous. Caution. Not Recommended.

Cedar Lakes Old Oil cut Old Oil field2The lakes are located in the Southern portion of the San Bernard National Wildlife preserve. The Northern most boundary is the San Bernard River. The Southern part is located close to Sargent. To get there drive as far as you can drive down the Beach Road in Sargent. About a half mile after road ends down the beach you come to the Cut to the Gulf. After Hurricane Ike my neighbor Robert would drive down the beach 3 times a week from Sargent to fish the Cut. It was wide open to the Gulf. Robert wound up winning the Star Tournament that year and got a new boat. He caught the winning Trout wade fishing the cut into the Lake. I spoke with Curtis Jones who is the Chief of the San Bernard Reserve last week. He mentioned  the cut being  open again. So you can bank fish or wade fish the cut. Curtis also recommended the “Old Oilfield Cut” south of the Cow Trap Lake. It is supposed to be the deepest area. I plan on trying it sometime this summer but will have buddy boat with me in case of any problems. Extreme Caution on the Cedar Lakes. It would seem like it is better to drive down the beach with Four WD and wade fish the inner cut at the lake. Wear life-jacket at all times. Seems to be lots of sand there. Watch out for the Rattlesnakes. It is a wild area.