Sargent Area Chamber of Commerce

  • September 9, 2016

The Sargent Area Chamber of Commerce to hold it’s 13th Annual fishing Tournament next month.

The Sargent Area Chamber of Commerse holing out Fishing Action in and around Sargent and East Matagorda Bay really picking up. This time of the year with incredible tides caused by the Low Pressure systems and Tropical Storms in the Gulf of Mexico. This really flushed the back lakes and bays with new water and provided an opportunity to catch fish. This tidal action stimulates fish and their feeding instinct to feed. Even if you luck has not been so good lately you should be able to catch fish between now and December. Just wet that line and enjoy. sargent chamber of commerce Fish Sargent Doug Stahl


It is my favorite time of the year to fish.  Sign Up Today.

What is great about the Sargent Chamber event is that it has become a tradition for years and is a real mixed group of folk and  family oriented event.  It also is for a really good cause for one of the premier destinations close to Houston on the Gulf Coast. So come out catch some fish and make some new friends.
This time of the year lots of Mangrove Snapper around Sargent. Great Fish for young kids to catch.

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