East Matagorda Bay Fishing Tutorials

Boat Parade in Sargent

  • November 21, 2016

The first real cold front passed though Sargent this weekend.  It has put everyone in the spirit for end of year Holidays,  “Giant Winter Trout” and the 18th annual “Sargent Boat Parade” on November 26.  The first Saturday after Thanksgiving.  This year the Sargent Boat parade fun starts at the mouth of Carney Creek.  To participate  Boat Owners can contact Kim Ware 713-829-9746 or Marie Zikuhr 979-245-9876.MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

Spectators can and should  line up along Carney Creek to view the boat parade as it heads North on Caney Creek just after Dark. It is a chance to see and talk to many of your Sargent neighbors. It is fun viewing the boats and seeing locals decorate their boats. This year I am probably gonna be watching the boat parade from Caney Creek Marina parking lot. But there is also The crab Trap, Charlies and other location  along the Creek.

Caution don’t be  walking out over old docks or piers over the water. Stay on hard land. The boats move slowly so viewing is easy from any vantage point.

Caney Creek|Sargent Boat Parade

The cold Front also spells the begging of the transition in Bait and diet of some of the  fish in East Matagorda Bay. Shrimp is still dominant bait and food for next 30 days but as  shrimp migrate and  leave the bays for the Gulf of Mexico as fall turns to winter.  The diet of the large trout turns to  fin-fish like mullet.  By the end of December pods of shrimp will have mostly left our bay.

Note: There are still birds working over migrating shrimp in the Bay for the next month. It is a great way to locate trout. But the cold fronts will soon drop water temperatures.  Fisherman will soon be looking for streaking water and pods of mullet vs Shrimp under birds to spot trout because they are moving  out  to the Gulf. These pods of mullet and shad will then indicate where the “monster winter Trout” are.  Your bait choices change from shrimp presentations to slow sinking plugs like Mirror lures and Catch 5 and as it gets colder mullet imitation lures.

If you are luck enough to catch one.  Remember conservation practices and Catch and Release if you catch any of East Matagorda Bays “Secret Giants”. There are plenty of smaller trout to keep and eat.    East Matagorda is a Secret treasure along the Gulf Coast.  Lets keep it the home of the “Winter Giant Trout”.  Have a great Thanksgiving.