Winter Hunting Sargent Texas

  • January 8, 2017

Sargent Texas| Rainy weather for Ducks

Happy New Year

Ducks still quacking in Sargent Texas which has experience some well needed rains the last few weeks. Both the San Bernand Wildlife Preserve and Big Boggy have great conditions. Lets be honest the Ducks liked the rain more then the people of Sargent do.  We have lots  of freshwater passing Sargent and into East Matagorda Bay. Great for the Bay and ecosystem. The last cold Front a few weeks ago and this weekend  pushed a lot of Geese into the San Bernard from the North. Cold weather this weekend is great for hunting. 

To our East and to our West Duck Hunting season is in full swing because of  recent rains in surrounding wetlands for Ducks and Duck hunters.  The season is open for both the Southern Duck Management areas and the High Plains Management areas. Norther Duck Zones are open.  Sargent Duck zone in is open for hunts from November 5 to January 25, 2017. To our West is the   Big Boggy .

You can expect to see and hear bang, bang of hunters coming to Sargent during this time of the year. There will be more Waterfowl than usual then because of more wet habitat which also concentrates the birds.

The Sargent Duck zone by permit only is located east  Swing bridge on the intracoastal. To get there take entrance just south of Fish Tail Inn  on Road 457. Permit needed.


Big Boggy is West of Sargent by taking County Road 262 South off County Road 521.

Allens Market and  Sargent Country store 979-245-4405 said the can expect more business because of the influx of Hunters into Sargent. Many were rebuilding Duck Blinds and need wood, nails and other supplies. , Lana’s Lunch Box and  On the Corner Staff  look forward to Duck Hunters visiting because they have big appetites after their hunts. Lots of work wading through that mud. Good Hunting and enjoy Sargent Lodgings and people

Wonderful people preserving our Sargent Marsh areas