Delay in completion of New Sargent Fishing Pier

  • April 13, 2017

“The Sargent Fishing Pier construction will temporarily come to an end,” says Matagorda County Precinct 2 Commissioner Kent Pollard.

It seems that the County decided to temporary stop the completion of the Pier until they secure new funds for the final, final completion. “We have a special permit that allows us to complete the Pier within three years,”  says Prescient 2 Commissioner Kent Pollard.  The pier will be 180 feet long  vs 500 feet planned until the project gets more funding.

The Pier was supposed to be 500 feet long into the Gulf.  Read about it:

New Fishing Pier In Sargent

Commissioner Pollard was very optimistic about securing new funds very soon.  So technically the pier is still under construction. What a surprise to all of us.   Hopefully the fishing Pier will not turn into a boondoggle.   At 180 feet long it is really not past the breakers at low tide.  For fisherman without a boat this was a dream come true,  to fish off this new Pier.

Lets hope this project gets completed to 500 feet.

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