Sargent Fishing Pier Under Construction

  • March 29, 2017

Sargent, Texas is getting it’s own public  “Sargent Fishing Pier”.

The new Sargent Fishing Pier will be a great resource for people who might  have somewhat limited access to the Gulf of Mexico from Sargent, Houston, Victoria and other areas. . This New pier will come at a time when the State also plans on replacing the last “Texas Swing Bridge” in Texas to Sargent Beach Island. Both these new attractions will increase traffic to Sargent.   While many people  thought the Pier would be located near Sargent Park it just didn’t happen. Still, others thought the County should build a jetty at Mitchells cut first instead of a pier and didn’t happen.  This Jetty might still be another addition to the sleepy town of Sargent Texas in our future. I am sure it will come someday. The New Bridge is expected in the next few years.    The Sargent Fishing Pier is here now and being built across from the new Barge Mooring Station Park and it’s Parking area. The County expects to finish building the Sargent Fishing Pier in late May, 2017.Fish Sargent|Sargent Fishing Pier

The Sargent Fishing Pier shall be 500 feet long and 10 feet wide. At the end of the Pier there will be a T-head which will be 140 feet wide. The Sargent Fishing Pier will be 17.9 feet about the Gulf of Mexico at mean low tide.

Many people in Sargent look forward to the new Pier but it will also have it challenges. One of the reasons it too is why the pier took so long to come to fruition was because of environmental concerns.. More development and people could disrupt our sensitive ecosystem.

Sargent is in the center of the Greater Sargent Eco-system. That is why the Texas Department of Wildlife took so long  getting the Sargent Fishing Fishing Pier approved.   In Sargent and Sargent Beach we are surrounded by the San Bernard Federal Wildlife Refuge to the East and to the South of us Big Boggy Federal Wildlife Refuge. To our North are the Giant Oaks and Pecan Trees of the Columbia Bottomlands including Dance Bayou Federal Preserve and Austin Woods.  Dead Wood on Sargent Beach

The Greater Sargent Ecosystem is Prime Habitat for nesting Birds, migrating birds, baby fish, Shrimp and Oysters. The prime reason for all this life is Gulf saltwater and freshwater from Caney Creek. In  addition to that  is  Lake Austin entering East Matagorda bay and  Mitchells Cut letting Saltwater mix with fresh water.. This is in the heart of Sargent.  Greater Sargent and Sargent Beach are the convergence zones of brackish waters, green prairies, slow moving freshwater, sloughs and Hardwood old Growth Southern Forest. With the Inclusion of Dance Bayou and Austin woods this area might be the last and the largest Old Growth Southern Forest left in the United States and it surrounds Sargent.. Sargent Beach| Douglas Stahl
That is why the Sargent Fishing Pier took 25 years to come to Sargent.  Our place now is in protecting this part of the Gulf of Mexico, Columbia Bottom  and East Matagorda Bay. Most fishermen are notorious about protecting the fish habitat and this should work out well for the new Sargent Fishing Pier.  It will be a welcome addition to the Sargent and Matagorda County.

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