Tournament Fun in Sargent Texas

  • June 7, 2017

Rainy Start of Summer Season in Sargent

What a week of rain this has been. We have had a bunch of fresh water flowing into East Matagorda Bay from Caney Creek and this should bring about a lot of bait-fish and shrimp in the Bay.  Rains welcome the Summer Season and incredible fishing. This should allow contestants in early fishing tournaments such as the START Tournament next week at Hookers to do very well. This is a great local event for Sargent. No guides allowed only amateurs

Our friend Tiger Lane from “Tiger’s Mowing” has set up the S.T.A.R.T  Tournament next week at Hooker’s Restaurant at the Sargent Swing Bridge. Brochure s-t-a-r-t-entry-2017  Tiger has been very active in working to help with many events and project around Sargent. This event  is sponsored by the Sargent Chamber of Commerce and should be a real family friendly event. This will be the eight annual S.T.A.R.T and it is really for a Great Cause. I have included a Registration form s-t-a-r-t-entry-2017 for anyone who wants to partake in this wonderful Charitable Event put on by the Sargent Chamber of Commerce.

Crabs and Fishing East Matagorda in Early Summer

This has been a bounty year of Crabs. We never really had a freeze on the Creek or around the East Matagorda Bay complex. So if you like Texas Blue Point Crabs. Your in Luck!MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA


If you are looking for drift pattern to catch some incredible fish this time of the year mid bay reefs are really the way to go.  You can free-line a shrimp with a split shot on the line. Or if you using Soft plastics it is best to go very lite this time of the year. A very lite jig (less then a quarter ounce) with Root Beer or Chartreuse color plastic or free drift Live Shrimp which you can buy at Caney Creek Marina and Cafe

Remember to Lift that Engine when you get Shallow. Please be courteous to the Bay and other Boaters. Always remember you want to come back again next time.

Sargent-Sea Grass