Sargent Ecosystem

August fishing in Sargent, Texas heating up

  • August 4, 2014

We had showers again last week and seems like the drought is just about over in different parts of the ecosystem. It seems like since Hurricane Ike it has been really dry in the Sargent area.

Now showers and rain flush out the creeks and rivers that empty into the Bay. The Croaker are running larger and there are incredible amounts of juvenile red fish that are being caught along the coast. This is good for the bay.

The mixing of the Saltwater with the fresh water coming across the grassy meadows and deep bottom land forest. Water is the key to life. Oysters will be larger this year after 4 years of little if any fresh water coming into our East Matagorda Bay.

Sargent Redfish

Red Caught near Sargent

Yes the poles are bending and the rains are falling into our lush Greater Sargent Ecosytem. Trout, Redfish, Croaker, Gaftop and other species.