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Rivers Crest Around Sargent Texas

  • June 16, 2016

Fishing Picks up around Sargent as Brazos River Crest

The Brazos Rivers have experienced some incredible freshwater runoff and flooding.  As of the middle of June they have now Top crest but they are still drain incredible  amounts of water from Central Texas close to Sargent. We still see draining waters at all the areas near it’s roaring banks.

 (Photo from Space Brazos in Flood)

Fresh water mixes with Saltwater in our East Matagorda Bay  and you have incredible explosions of life.   From the bottom of the food chain to the top. Plankton, Algae, Oxygen, Oysters, bait fish, small fish, crabs and other creatures.

Brazos River Crest

The Redfish, Trout Flounder, come and eat and feed on  them the little critters. These  are highly prized fish and they  get bigger better and fatter and the Angler gets to enjoy them and everybody is happy.

In Sargent Texas  and the “East End” of East Matagorda Bay the water is very Fresh.  The Sargent Swing Bridge is very high.  It must be two feet higher than normal  fight Water is Running South down the Intracoastal to Mitchell’s cut and into the Bay. Some people have described the Intracoastal as a raging River. It is starting to settle down now and the Caney Creek and the Canals are falling a few inches lower. Dock Tops are exposed again and life getting back to normal on the Sargent Waterfront.

This weekend for the Sargent Chamber of Commerce Fishing Tournament the water and tide and Moon will help to make Conditions that  will be perfect. Make sure you Check for Wind and Weather information before going on the Water.

Finally as the Fresh water from the Brazos and Colorado Rivers and other surrounding drainage from other parts of the Greater Sargent Watershed start to subside we are left with and green carpet of grass and really good jolt of life in the Transition Zone. That is the Zone where Salt water meet Fresh Water the bay. 

That Zone is so very important  to the people of Sargent Who cherish the health and productivity of the great bay. Shrimpers and Fishermen . We live on and enjoy it. The Bait Fish are now prolific. It has been a good spring.  Now please! Slow down on the rain and let us enjoy the summer that has just begun.