Colorado River used to flow though Sargent and Caney Creek

  • September 6, 2016

Colorado River used to drain out at Sargent Beach

About 1000 years ago the Colorado River which drains parts of the Hill country and Austin jumped out of its main channel at Glen Floral Texas. Then it headed to the Gulf though Caney Creek. In relatively recent geological time of the past 6,000 years  Texas Rivers  rivers would changed their course from time to time. The flow of the Colorado river would empty into the Gulf of Mexico at Sargent Beach.. Now it flows to it’s latest exit into the Gulf of Mexico near  Matagorda Texas.  This happened in the last 6,000 years In North East Texas rivers would changed their course from time to time. Much of the Red dirt and clay around Sargent was deposited when the Colorado River (Red River) ran through the channel which is the modern day Caney Creek.

The last great Ice age on earth ended 10,000 years ago.

Sea Levels rose over two hundred 50 feet in Texas within 6000 years..  

Sea levels have been relatively constant for about 1000 years.


Another Great Texas  River’s  the Brazos River occupied three channels, Big Sough, Oyster Creek and the modern channel. . The Brazos has one of the largest water discharges into the Gulf of Mexico.


The Colorado River has occupied two channels over the last 1000 years. The oldest is when  it use to flow through. Caney Creek  in Sargent Texas and now the modern channel, out of Matagorda  during the late Holocene Geological period.


You can see the ancient Colorado where it Broke off in map#1 near Glen Flora, Texas. The river then meandered and emptied into the Gulf of Mexico at current day Sargent

ancient colorado river2


One of the added pleasures of Beach Combing in Sargent Texas is you can search for ancient  Dinosaur Bones found on Sargent Beach. Yes if you go to the area across from the mooring Basin on the Beach side and what I call the “Sargent Cliffs.” There is where you are looking at the Ancient Red Mud of the Colorado River that was laid down at the Delta of the River as it met the Gulf of Mexico.


Also, the First “Massive Mammoth creature” to be discovered on the Gulf Coast was in Clute Texas. The discovery was right next to Clute high School next to Mammoth Lake.  That discovery just East of Sargent was in the Old Brazos River Delta and shoreline.
So at you enjoy yourself on Sargent Beach look out for Arrowheads from Karankawa Indians and Dinosaur bones Mammoth Tusk and other  man made Objects  because it is the delta zone of the old Colorado River.