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Mitchell’s Cut from the Air

  • July 17, 2017

Sargent Mitchell’s Cut From The Air

This week we take to the air over Mitchell’s Cut in Sargent. I have been working on my boat. So instead of writing about Sargent we got you up in the air for a  birds eye view of Mitchell’s Cut. This incredible footage is  about 5 minutes long and really shows how wonderful Sargent is to be the gateway to the Gulf of Mexico and East Matagorda Bay.  I have loaded two Air Tours and one labels the Sargent Beach locations so you can enjoy the Second even more. The second is the best Arial footage I have seen of Sargent.
Click this Video First to understand second Video’s location CLICK FULL SCREEN MODE.

Saltwater Mixing with East Matagorda Bay

We are looking at the Mitchell’s cut this week and it’s proximity to East Matagorda Bay It is the most important  major transfer areas between the Gulf of Mexico and East Matagorda Bay where water from the bay and gulf mix together.   The Cut brings fresh salt water into the bay and helps the transfer of life from the bay nursery to the Gulf of Mexico.  This Transition Zone sometimes fresh. Sometimes is Salty and sometimes brackish. It enables the bay for be the nursery for many birds, fish, turtles, shrimp and other species that thrive in this area.

Click and View This is why we love Sargent. also CLICK FULL SCREEN MODE

Freshwater is Filtered into the East Matagorda Bay System

The Greater Sargent Ecosystem is where all this comes together. Sargent is blessed to have two Federal Wildlife Preserves both to the North and South of the Community. The San Bernard and the Big Boggy Federal Wildlife Preserve.  North of Sargent is and incredible groups of Old Growth Southern forest Called The Columbia Bottom Lands. These Grasslands and Woodlands filter fresh waters into the Bay.

Special thanks to Kevin G. and his family for incredible Drone footage and Dean. His boat is coming into the Cut and he is pulling up his boards. Also to all the boaters and beach people.