Wind Conditions catching more fish on Bay

  • July 10, 2014

Wind Conditions Catching  more fish East Matagorda Bay.

Wind Conditions can really affect the way we catch more fish around Sargent, Texas. Because of the shallow water conditions and the proximity to the Gulf of Mexico it is important to have some wind fishing strategies.

Here are explorations of wind conditions and how they can catch you more fish.

No wind:

Then I really use the tide chart to find out where the water will be moving either in or out of the bay. Fish feed when water is running or moving. If tide is slow or non existent sometimes I use the passing of a barge in the inter-coastal to attract fish. It works try it. Just before a barge passed you by on the Waterway make sure you  hooks are baited up and throw them way out so they can really move when the water moves.  The barge passing creates for about 1 minute moving water with the barge passing. This excited the fish to feed. They think it is the tide. That’s why fisherman have so much luck when they fish around the Bolivar Ferry in Galveston.

Wind with the Tide:

When the wind is blowing like a Norther which means the wind is blowing from North to South this really pushes water out of the Bays on an outgoing tide. Sometimes current can be too fast to have Trout in it. They like to feed when water moving slower. Bay water levels drop a lot.

Wind against the Tide:

Sometimes the Wind has greater effect on water movement then the tides. Use it to your advantage. Around different parts of the Bay artificial water movement is caused by the wide. Gauge it and use it to your advantage.

Douglas Stahl