Family Dollar or Dollar General moving to Sargent

  • February 3, 2016

Dollar General to open a new store in Sargent Texas.

Sometime in March Sargent will have a brand spanking new retail store.  For people who live in Sargent  this will be a welcome addition to the two Country Stores that have served Sargent for years now.

Sargent Country Store (Texaco) has served Sargent and they do an outstanding  job. Many times they stock very “Hard to get” Hardware for local jobs that we can’t find in stores in Houston. It is a fabulous store.  They are also very friendly and dependable and  open like clockwork daily and provide Check Cashing and ATM services.   They have served Sargent for years. I am sure they will continue to improve their stores   We are all grateful.   Dollar General will open their  store sometime in late March.  It will be a nice addition to Sargent for people just to come and visit and enjoy. The New Store will have between 6 to 10  employees said  Dollar General.

There is talk about a Subway moving in but this news has not been confirmed with the Subway corporation. Many people think it a rumor.

Also in the news “Little Esperanza” is still open in Caney Creek Marina and has great Mexican food. They have incredible breakfast and tamales.

Also on the flashing light at 457 and CR 2611 next to Woods Liquor there might be a New Nightclub Moving into the old Woods BBQ location.  From what I understand it might be called “Hawkinsville Junction.”

Good fishing. Enjoy the cool weather while it is still with us.